Moving to Connnecticut

  1. Hello! I am an RN in Las Vegas with the intention to move to Connecticut next year. Can anyone give me any info on the job market there and what kind of community I should expect? Thank you!
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  3. by   CT Pixie
    Hard to know what the job market will look like next year.
    What part of CT are you looking to move to? The area(s) you are thinking of can be a big factor on job prospects.
    Also, when you say community...are you asking about the community of the town or the hospital community?
  4. by   Semper_Gumby
    My only recommendation is if you don't have a BSN, get it or at least start on it. I don't have a BSN and limited experience and found the job market up here quite stiff, bad enough that I'm moving back to my home state for now. It's a shame because I do like it up here! Hope you have a better experience than I did!