Moving. CT or MA license?

  1. I have to relocate to northern CT next month due to my husbands job. I currently have 1 year experience in rehab/transitional care as an RN in NH. Unfortunately I was even just offered a FT RN position in a major hospital out here but life took one of those drastic changes and I need to move kinda of abruptly. Can anyone recommend to start by getting a MA or CT license? I need a job pretty swiftly and and not picky about the location or shift or which pays more...just which is most likely to hire me. Id appreciate any input. Thanks. (my experience includes trachs, IVs- management and insertion, peg tubes, TPN, major wounds, about 2 days post op and forward ect)
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  3. by   SwampCat
    What part of northern CT are you looking? I would look at the facilities around the area you are moving and compare the job opportunities to the ones over the line in MA. That might give you a better perspective as to which state to get the license in.

    Sorry that is not much help, but from what I can tell, full time jobs are hard to come by right now.