Interview Tips ASAP!

  1. Hello All,
    I am new here. I am interviewing for a LPN school tomorrow. I have taken all my pre req's for RN and did not get accepted this Fall 2006.
    So , I am interviewing for Eli Whitney In Hamden,CT. I need some advice.
    Thank you,
    Trying to stay calm in Ct
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  3. by   student/mother/247
    I had my interview for Eli Whitney LPN school and I think it went well.
    Excellent staff they made me fell at ease. Pray for me! I will find out in three weeks!
  4. by   Chaoticdreams33
    Good luck!
  5. by   student/mother/247
  6. by   bethinct
    I am waiting for Bullard Havens - GOod Luck!!!