ICU RN Moving the Northeastern Corner of CT

  1. Hello fellow friends...I will be moving to the Northeastern part of Ct around the Killingly area....Ive been and ICU RN for 24 staff RN...Nurse Manager....and EICU....also I managed the hyperbaric chamber in Hawaii and did some psych/addictions nursing which was interesting too...I am thinking of getting my MSN degree....not sure of where I want to work but am even willing to go the Worchester Mass...Im just looking for anything you would like to tell me about the area or anything at all away friends!!!
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  3. by   SwampCat
    NECT is beautiful and great for those who are outdoorsy. There is virtually no nightlife. Worcester, Ma has great hospitals to work at, but there is also one in Norwich, CT that is good, and the one in Putnam that is okay. In Killingly you can take RTE 101 to 44 to get out to Hartford's hospitals.

    I've lived in this area all my life so if you have any questions, feel free to pm me!

    Welcome to the quiet corner!
  4. by   noelia23RN
    I think it all depends whether you like community or teaching hospitals that will narrow your options.