How to transfer my license

  1. I live in CT but i went to school in NJ for LPN recently I passed my NCLEX, since I went to school in NJ, I had to take my licence either in NJ or NY so I chose NY to be closer. NJ and NY schools ask for 1200 hrs and CT schools ask for 1500 hrs so I have to work either in NY or NJ for 300 hrs 1st before I could transfer my licence to CT, but NY don't wanna hire new nurses unless I have 1 yr experience, so I wanted to know if I could still transfer my licence to CT without working in NY 1st, please help I really need a job thnx. Or if you guys know any company that willing to hire new nurses.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    You really need to contact the BON and ask or alternatively go through the endorsement process and see what happens
  4. by   nerilene
    Thank you