Has anyone heard if they are changing admission criteria for CC for 2018...

  1. Program of Study
    The nursing program of study is in the process of revision for students starting in Fall 2018.
    General education courses will remain at 30 credits.
    This includes the 11 credits of coursework required for admission: ENG*101, BIO*211 & BIO*212, as well as the
    following co-requisite courses:
    BIO*235: Microbiology (4 credits)
    PSY*111: General Psychology (3 credits)
    PSY*201: Life Span Development (3 credits)
    SOC*101: Principles of Sociology (3 credits)
    ENG*102: English Composition & Literature (3 credits)
    Elective: differs by CT-CCNP college (3 credits), for a listing of acceptable courses, please see

    So does all 11 courses need to be done for applying?

    I have all completed accept Lifespan.

    Appreciate the feedback.
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  3. by   xo.brianurse
    Co-requisites can be taken alongside the nursing program... so that means eng 101, ap1, ap2 are the only courses that have to be completed to apply.