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  1. I applied to some schools. I got into some school. I am transfering in as a junior. I have no idea the reputations of these programs. I am looking for help/advice.

    I got into St. Joseph in West Hartford, CT & American International College in Springfield, MA. I also applied to Elms College but haven't heard back.

    I don't want to go to UCONN.

    I know two of the schools are in MA but I am from CT and they are close by.

    Where should I go?

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  3. by   RN28MD
    I'm not sure if this helps but I graduated from the University of Connecticut and to be honest I should of investigated better. There are nursing schools that train you so muh more. I don't want to put Uconn down b/c I graduated from there but if I had to do it again. I would go to Northeastern University in Boston, Mass. Good luck
  4. by   raskolnikov
    Thanks for the help!