Books for the FALL 2011 BHSN

  1. anyone purchased books for the fall yet? I was just curious, would you guys suggest we buy the recommended books too?
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  3. by   Cptmidnite
    I have started buying my books. I went to Amazon instead of the site they gave us at orientation, they have all our books and for much much cheaper (used of course).

    Do you remember specifically which books we will need for the first day?
  4. by   ohnevah
    no i may have to look into that, yeah i just bought the books from webmed, figure, i get it all brand new because some of the books come with CD's, and im hoping those will be helpful in the long run.. 800.79 was my total -_-" All out of my own pocket, i wished there was financial aid to cover that
  5. by   CT Pixie
    have to be careful when getting used books, many times they don't come with the require CD or access codes that you need. I learned that the hard way