Anxious and Nervous

  1. Taking the TEAS V on Tuesday...Very nervous.:uhoh21: Im applying to Lincoln Tech and there test only consist of Reading and Math...Has anyone attended LT before?
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  3. by   CT Pixie
    I attended Lincoln Tech at the Shelton campus. I started in March 2008. When I started the didn't have us take the TEAS.WE took an entrance exam that consisted of a Math and English section. But it wasn't the TEAS. That exam was pretty basic in terms of things most people who've gone through high school have learned. Basic reading comprehension and some general math.
  4. by   SwampCat
    How'd you do?
  5. by   melindamarie423
    Did you end up going to Linciln and if so can you offer any information? I got accepted passed the TEAS just not sure if this is the right school for me.
  6. by   4my5luvs
    sorry to be re-plying so late...Well I passed the test got accepted and classes start on Monday the 12th.