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I took my test 8am today and my status doesn't say delivered, it say results not ready? What does this mean????😢😢😢😢😢😢

Took mine too same time today and say the same thing. I think I failed. Can't do the damn pvt anymore so it's the waiting game. Good luck!

Everyone thinks that they failed. I had to pull over twice on my ride home to vomit because I was so upset, and I passed!

I think that the results are not ready is the common current status until the quick results are ready.

Congrats!!! I you tube how to do the trick they said make status says "successfully delivered" but i noticed that all the video look different. .the pearson vue screen is a different set up then mine

Good luck to you as well.praying for everyone.

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there is a new PVT. everyone gets to credit card page, just put in a card that doesnt have 200 on it and click submit. you'll get the message if you passed. and it'll try to charge you if you didnt