CONFUSE need advice, motivation

by SunShine976 (New) New

is nursing the right career path for me,(confuse) but i love clinical aspect of hospital rather administration. i hold an a.a.s degree and ba degree in health service administration. i had been out of school for couple of years. while attending college i have been working as administrative assistant (medical secretary) administrative coordinator in the department of surgery in hospital over10 years. salary is good but i hate what i do. when i see nurse, physician assistant i picture myself in their shoes, i love what they do. so i decided to go back to school and pursue a nursing degree and taking advantage of tuition reimbursement. i am pre-nursing student now, also completing pre-requirement soon. i am confuse, i should do associate or second degree in nursing. i am still paying for previous degree with student loan. i am a mother, 5 yrs old child, the only source of income is muah! j. i don't want to end up with another degree and not liking what i do. my friends suggested trying cna to see if this is right path for me, but the salary is not great. i might have to take salary cut.