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Conflicted & wanting to get into nursing school!


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Hi everyone! So I'm facing a bit of a conflict in terms of work experience before applying to nursing schools. I currently work as a behavior interventionist with kids with autism and am in the midst of applying to ABSN and ELMSN programs. As much as I love the kids that I work with, lately I've been having doubts about whether or not this experience shows my genuine interest in becoming a nurse practitioner, especially since I've started to see more people go for CNA positions to strengthen their application and gain more experience with patients.

I see how my current job could be related to nursing, but is that enough? Should I pursue something that is more medical and incorporates more "direct patient contact"?

A lot of students have no direct patient care experience when starting nursing programs. Any unique skill set you can bring to the profession is going to help you. I'd focus on getting good grades and passing entrance exams.

In northern NV, I know TMCC requires the CNA certification to get into their program

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