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Concept maps


I am fixing to start second semester in Aug. I was viewing my schedule and how we will be doing our classes, I noticed a note saying concept maps due every week. What is a concept map?

Carpediem1012, BSN, RN

Has 7 years experience.

It's all of you assessments and labs, plus current patient meds on one big sheet of paper. There are lines drawn between related ideas and proof to lead you to your nursing diagnosis. At first, I thought I would hate concept maps. Turns out, I love using them. They show all of you rough ideas and support them with the assessment you have gathered. In turn, they lead you to your diagnoses and then evaluation. I find my interventions are much more personalized when I used concept maps as opposed to linear care plans. Does that help?

Yes, thank you, I like to know whats next before I begin something and I am trying to be prepared for next semester.