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Computer skills for remote positions at UHG/Optum

by casemgr casemgr (New) New Nurse

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Hello all,

For everyone working remotely at UHG/Optum, what level of computer skills did you have coming into the job? Were you expected to be expert/proficient at Excel and/or other programs?

Thanks in advance for your answers!


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We used some spread sheets and share point (which is like a shared platform for editable documents, usually spread sheets for tracking members), it is helpful to have a baseline knowledge to find your own ways to keep your members/deadlines/requirements straight. Then of course lots of e-mail.

I am younger (early 30s) but not particularly tech savvy and did fine. They have an awesome 24/7 tech support team, I often felt like an idiot calling them but they always got me straightened out.

Different states and divisions used different systems for charting, but they is always training and not any worse than hospital systems. I started when they had just switched to a new documentation system and in my 2.5 years survived the change to another😬

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