Competitive gpa for Nursing in California

by AspiringRN2B AspiringRN2B, LVN Member Nurse Student

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I was wondering what the competitive gpa would be for a Nursing program in Northern California. I currently have a 3.2 and was wondering what program can I get into with this type of gpa.

Hi there,

I live in the East Bay and was just accepted to two nursing programs. My GPA is 3.6. I think the admissions board choice about an applicant is mainly based on GPA, TEAS/HESI score, and letter grade in A&P. That being said, it seems as though they are now trying to look more at the whole person. CSU East Bay and SF State just added a mandatory essay for nursing applications now, which would lead me to believe they are trying to "balance" the point system a bit.

My personal opinion, but 3.2 GPA will probably work for Associate programs. Merritt College in Oakland and the Santa Rosa Junior College in Santa Rosa have really good Associate of Nursing programs. And bridge programs like RN-BSN are becoming more popular, so it's a valuable option.

Good luck with everything! Thousands of people in this world become nurses every single day and you'll eventually be one of them! ?