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Competenz Immigration Consultancy & Travel Services

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florencenightingale has 9 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Case Manager.

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Did anyone sign-up with this agency? They are also connected with Providence-Acumen Immigration and Review Services. Just want to know if those who signed up with them is happy wherever they are in New Zealand. Please post whether you had good or bad experience with them. Thanks.

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check out any of these agencies very carefully. you can just do a search on the internet thru google or yahoo and find quite a bit of information on any of these companies.

and if you have final questions, contact the new zealand embassy in your country.

always have issues with companies that do more than one thing. when doing immigration things as well as travel services, my red flag goes up to thoroughly check them out. i know nothing of this company, have never heard of them before, but when they are wearing two different hats, you need to look into things very carefully.

same way that a review center should not be in the recruiting business, they should not be receiving a kick-back from the agency for the nurse that they referred. actually not even legal for them to be doing in your country, but it is done all of the time. not a good thing either.

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