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Competency on NCLEX vs. scores on NCLEX study materials


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So what I'm wondering is if anyone knows how passing NCLEX and the competency line on the NCLEX correlates to scores on various resources like Kaplan qbank, ATIs, ATI comp predictor, etc.

I've been getting around 70% on the qbank and other resources I'm doing, and I got a 70% on the practice comp predictor (taking the real one next week in class) but I have no idea how that relates to NCLEX. I still have the Kaplan in class review to go through at the end of July right before I graduate.

Anyone know?


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I used Kaplan through school and I just found out I passed. The class is very helpful too. In the class we were told our QBank average should be at least 60%. All Qbank questions are above the line questions. We also took a readiness test at the end of the class and we were told to shoot for 60-65%. I got 62% and felt confident going into the test. It shut off at 85. Sounds like you are definitely on the right track!!!