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comparing ABSN programs in chicago?


I'm new to the forum, run across it many times when googling various issues I have in a future career in nursing.

I'm about to graduate in May 2012 with a Bachelors in Psychology from Loyola Chicago; I'll also have taken all the pre-reqs that Loyola's ABSN program requires.

My question is, I'm aware that Loyola isn't the only ABSN progam in the Chicagoland area, I understand Chaimberlain and Lewis (for example) have it as well. However they must not be as rigorous or recognized as Loyola's...

..so my question is, would going to Chaimberlain's (for example) ABSN program lower my chances of getting a job significantly, versus having gone to Loyola's?

I also read on Chaimberlain's website that the theory part can be taken online, though clinicals and labs are still there - so please keep that in mind.


Also, what are the pros/cons of becoming an RN without BSN then doing a BSN-for-RN program? What are the differences when you work as an RN with/without a BSN? I will still have a Bachelors, however.


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