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Community College to University

by RBancroft RBancroft (New) New

I'm looking to get my BSN as a second bachelors degree at the University in my town

My question is, do nursing programs at universities give preference to students who have done their prerequisites there or does it not seem to matter?

There is a community college 15 miles away where I can get the same 4 prerequisites that I need for less than half the cost and just do my last 5 semesters in nursing at the University.

I have already sent this Q to the advisor as I realize every university has different standards, just wanted to hear if anyone had experience with this. The university accepts the top 64 upper division applicants based on a composite score of GPA, HESI, and interview. My undergraduate GPA was a 3.7 and I'm a good test taker, I had 31+ on all ACT sections except math so I'm not worried about the HESI and I have great people skills so the interview should go well.

I've got years of experience in direct care for adults with special needs and worked as a CNA in LTC for a year but LTC was not for me. I'm anxious to get started I just want these darn prerequisites done!!