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Community Acquired Pneumonia


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I'm hoping I have a quick easy question and that I'm posting it to the right board.

I thought I'd heard somewhere that either care facilities or hospitals are fined when a person comes down with CAP. Is that right? If it is can you give me a search string to use to find a reference. Seems that some guy named Fine has some kind of screening tool or scale for CAP and I can't think of another way to search for it.

Thanks a lot, this is for a paper I'm writing.

Shirley Gutkowski, RDH, BSDH, FACE

Hospitals are not fined for CAP. (bizarre concept) There are screens: CURB-65 and the PSI (pneumonia severity index) and of course there are the Core Measures where if the hospital does not give antibiotic within an hour of diagnosis for some percentage there is a reduction in reimbursement by CMS.