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Columbia State Community College Fall 2020 hopefuls


Has 1 years experience.

I wanted to start a group for the CSCC (Columbia State Community College Nursing Program) hopefuls and for others to see what the process is like. I personally have applied to only Columbia at this time and I'm hoping for the Franklin campus.

CSCC uses a point system to select their new nursing students and this has me somewhat nervous. I took the SAT a LONG time ago and there is an ACT conversion they use. My score back then seems low today so that's why I'm nervous. I have all my pre req's completed with all A's.

I am contemplating applying to the Nashville State Community College Nursing Program, however I will have to wait a year as the deadline has passed. I already have a TEAS score for that. I wish CSCC would use TEAS instead of the ACT score.

I want CSCC Franklin because I live less than a couple miles away from it.

How about you?