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Columbia State CC Fall 2018

tbutler5 tbutler5 (New) New

Looking for other individuals that applied for the fall 2018 program at Columbia State. Waiting on my acceptance letter (hopefully) with great anticipation!


I just saw this and have found out I have been accepted for Fall 2018!

Congratulations! I was also accepted. I will be at the Columbia campus. How about you?

Same to you!! I got into the Franklin campus!

Hello! I was also accepted for Fall 2018. I will be attending the Columbia campus. Maybe we will have clinicals together! Look forward to meeting you in Fundamentals. I already know that I would like to form a study group!

Hi there! I'm looking to apply the next round. Can I ask what all of your points were that got you into the program? Thanks in advance!

Good morning,

I start the franklin campus this fall. I was wondering if you had any advice? Is there anything you would have done differently in preparing (buying books, supplies, uniforms, parking on campus).

Also, I am looking at uniforms...The handbook states “no stretch knit” fabrics. I’m not looking for yoga pants, but wondering if the Wink 123, or Healing hands, or Cherokee Revolution style scrubs are ok? They aren’t really “stretchy” but are not as stiff as the standard work scrubs.



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