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Columbia SC area PRN Hospice recommendations?


Specializes in ER, Cardiac, Hospice, Hyperbaric, Float. Has 9 years experience.

I have worked full time in hospice and loved it and miss it. I am currently PRN in the hospital, but would like to get back into hospice but on a PRN and/or on-call basis. I love the work, I would be fine doing admissions and filling in to do visits for folks who are out sick or covering for someone on vacation, etc. I also am fine taking call. I am just not looking for full time - I have reached a point in my life where I value the flexibility of PRN. Having said all that, I know first hand that some places are better than others. Any recommendations for Hospices to approach and/or Hospices to avoid in and around the Columbia, SC area? PM me if you don't feel comfortable posting here.

Thanks everyone!