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Columbia FNP Fall 2015 Part Time


Hi all! I was accepted into Columbia's part time FNP Program for this coming Fall. I just wanted to know if there were any others like me?! I just got the email about the Fall courses we are having and got very excited! It's actually real and happening :)


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may I ask you a quick question... Is deadline for admission into the FNP program for FALL 2015 right up until school opens or is it ALREADY closed. How much years experience as a RN do one need ? what were pre req for admission?

I believe the deadline has passed. I don't think they accept rolling admissions. As for prereqs, they are listed in the website:

MS Programs | School of Nursing

There is no minimum number of years that you need to be an RN to apply for grad school, but I personally think it's better to have some years under your belt...at least 2. Some people will say different though.