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    Does anyone know what the waitlists are like at Community College of Denver and Pikes Peak Community College? Arapahoe's is 3-4 years. Each school is on it's "own" now and wanted to see if anyone can give me any input as to what the waitlists are like elsewhere.

    I've thought about DSON but my concern is they're not accredited and I know for sure I want to get my Master's... and I fear that will be an issue.

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  3. by   Luv4LTC
    :smilecoffeecup: Hi "Stubble" PPCC told me their list is around 2 yrs., but as an LPN I would have priority. Like you I'm shooting for a Master's (someday), and I plan to just climb the rungs. i.e. ASN,BSN,MSN. I spoke with them about this in Jan. They also said that if I'm willing to commute that I might be able to get in sooner because all the community colleges are networked? Pueblo let a couple of my LPN friends in immediately last fall. Of Course, their LPN degrees were new, and all their credits transfered, which my 15 yr old ones will not. So it's start all over for me. Good luck!
  4. by   RNin'08
    I checked with CCD about a year ago and it was 3-4 years.