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  1. After my gf passes her examination she will of coarse have to do an internship for a couple of years, right? Two? INstead of her doing that in The Philippines, if we get married and she comes here can she do it here? In Colorado I know there is a long waiting list for nursing school- will she have to be on a waiting list for the internship or, upon US examination and english proficiency test, will she be able to do internship right away?

    If she is married to me, will she have access to Financial aid and loan like I have for my schooling?

    Should I talk to a nursing admin personally for these questions?
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  3. by   augigi
    Nurses do not do "internships" as far as I am aware. We do graduate nurse programs. You will have a harder time getting a job without previous experience, but lots of people do it without a local (Phil) license. As I posted in your last thread, she needs to finish her education, then apply to have her credentials deemed equivalent and gain permission to sit the NCLEX licensing exam for the US.
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