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  1. I recently got a job offer for UC Health Denver. It's a 13 week travel job with their in house traveler program. I am SO excited to have the opportunity to work in Denver for this facility. Part of their hiring process includes an exam to test my skills and knowledge. I had to take a dysrhythmia exam and a telemetry nurse exam. I get 2 tries to pass both of these and if i don't pass them, I don't get the job. The exams are through Prophecy Exams. Yesterday I took both exams and got no results. At the end it said "you have successfully completed this exam" and when I log in to the web site it just shows a tick mark by the 2 tests I took and the date I completed them.

    Has anyone experienced this? Does "completed" mean that I passed. Everything I've read about prophecy says instant results! I want to know if I need to continue studying!

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  3. by   RubyLex
    Hi Sarena33, I was just extended a job offer for per diem. When speaking with the recruiter, she stated that they use prophecy as an assessment tool only--not pass or fail. She said you could do terribly but you still have the job offer in hand! The hospital I worked prior used Prophecy in their pre-employment screen...if nclex wasn't enough ...