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  1. Can anyone who has or is in the process of completing the Traditional UCHSC BSN program comment on the course load? I am getting concerned as to how managable it is with a family, but no outside employment. Were you totally swamped (I imagine it is not as intense as the Accelerated)or did you have a life outside of school? Thanks in advance for any information.
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  3. by   BensMom
    I graduate in May from the traditional program at UCHSC. I have worked 1-2 8 hr days per week in a low stress part time job and not had a problem. The semesters with patho and pharm are a little tough due to the amount of studying involved but I got a A in both. I just started as a nurse intern at UCH and will work 2 days a week plus have clinical 2 days. I think it will work out because the classes are not quite as tough academically (Public Health and Senior Intergrated Practicum). I made sure I did as much studying as I could when my son was in school and my husband at work. Sometimes the 2 overlapped but overall I have not had any problems. Most people seem to have at least part time jobs; some even work full time (I don't know how).When are you starting at UCHSC?