Pikes Peak Community College?

  1. Hello all! I was just wondering if anyone is currently going to PPCC or is wanting to go there? I will be starting this summer and just wanted to see if anyone else is going/goes there, and your opinions of it! I will be taking the CNA course and starting there for all my pre-reqs for the nursing program!
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  3. by   hello sammi
    I'm at PPCC. I really enjoy it. My teachers are all very knowledgeable, and for the most part, caring. I really like all of the classes I'm taking, and all the staff I've encountered have been very helpful.

    Welcome to the school!
  4. by   kdh5139
    Thank you!
  5. by   tnbutterfly
    Moved to CO. Nursing Programs for better response.
  6. by   myGodisableLPN
    I was wondering if you are in the nursing program at ppcc. i am trying to find a school for lpn - rn
  7. by   kdh5139
    [font=times]i am not currently in the program at ppcc but i am going for my pre-reqs in the fall. from what i have looked at, the lpn-rn program at ppcc looks promising though! have you looked at their website or talked to an advisor there? that has really helped me! good luck!