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  1. Hi all,

    I've just moved to Fort Collins a few months ago. Can anyone please tell me what venues are available to apply to? I know that Poudre Valley Hospital and Banner are two outlet, but I would like to know what other healthcare systems are out the in the Fort Collins, Boulder, and Denver areas to apply to.

    Any information would be very appreciated.


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  3. by   icomfort
    Hospices are usually hiring RN's
  4. by   buttercup24
    A lot of hospitals in Denver/Boulder metro area:
    Denver Health
    Craig Rehab
    Centenial Peak (Psych)
    University of Colorado Hospital
    National Jewish Med Center
    Platte Valley Med Center
    Children's Hospital
    Longmont United Hospital
    Boulder Community Hospital

    Word of warning: Make sure you have experience. Colorado hospitals are not playing with a full deck and operate as though they have nurses coming out the wazoo. While they contemplate hiring foreign nurses from the Philipines, Colorado has tons of new graduate RNs with no experience that they refuse to hire. University of CO Hospital won't hire ADNs but check out the number of RN vacancies they have.