NCLA agreement won't let me apply to CO from NY?

  1. I'm going to be graduating from a nursing school in NY this upcoming May. I've been looking at a bunch of grad nurse programs to start working in a hospital, and the ones in the University of Colorado hospitals seem very appealing to me. It says that they only hire people that are from NCLA affiliated states, and NY is not with the NCLA. Does anyone know if there is ANY way around this? It seems so unfair and to just shut states out from these opportunities because they're not part of some superior club... lol.
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  3. by   nurseypants2
    I think as long as your school meets credentialing requirements, you should be able to apply. I think what you would have to do to get around it is, when you sit for your NCLEX and nursing license, to apply for a CO license (or another compact state) and not a NY one. You would then have the correct license to be eligible for the program.