L&D in boulder/denver with 2.5 years experience?

  1. Hi All, I will be moving to the Boulder/Denver area the end of next year and by that time will have had 2.5 years experience in a very high risk L&D with 25 LDRs and 3 ORs, 5 triage rooms...Do you all think I'll have a hard time getting a position from what you know now? Also, what's the best L&D hospital, or a few good ones I should look into?
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  3. by   klone
    No, you shouldn't have a hard time. I think Denver Health is usually always hiring, and I'm pretty sure UCH is hiring travelers (which almost always transitions into a fulltime position). Both have very high acuity, with similar census that you're used to. Those are the two hospitals that do most of the high-risk OB in the Denver area.

    ETA: I just noticed you said you're not moving until the end of next year - I have no idea what the job situation will be like then. Right now things are pretty good, though.