IS being a Phlebotomist a good idea (pay wise)

  1. I have some extra time befor I move to Colorado after Christmas. I was considering taking a phlebotomist class for $1000.00, but I'm not sure on the pay or the need. Does anyone have an idea?
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  3. by   trish820
    Hello. I am a PCA in Ohio but I have taken the Phlebotomy training and depending on where you work depends on your pay. Our lab at the local hospital I work at pays $9.00 an hour but as a PCA I make $11.00. PCA's do alot more than a Phlebotomist though but maybe that will help. You can also check out and find out.

  4. by   jeanylorenz
    Thanks for your response. What exactly is a PCA?
  5. by   trish820
    I am just like a Nurses Assistant but we do more like draw blood and insert foley catheters. Just in case you don't know what a nurses assistant is here is what we do...

    Help the patients bathe
    Change their beds
    Help them ambulate down the hall if possible
    Empty their catheters
    Pass meal trays
    Change incontinent patients and turn them
    Vital signs
    Accuchecks (Blood Sugar Test)

    That is mostly what we do. Hope that help.