HCA L&D Residency Program

  1. Hello! I am looking to see if anyone else has applied for the L&D residency program or anyone who might know anything about it. Looking to have people to take the journey and wait with!
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  3. by   mdf2373
    I just applied! I am very interested in the program and would love to hear more info if anyone has already completed the program! All I know about the program is it is usually small (between 10-15 people) depending on need, and the first few weeks are entirely classroom based.
  4. by   fitzfam2009
    Hi! I am going to PM you!
  5. by   mdf2373
    I got your PM but i cant PM back yet I am too new to the site. Hopefully soon I'll be able to! Glad I got my app in though!
  6. by   fitzfam2009
    That is so weird that you can't pm back, seems silly. I'm hoping we hear something soon. Did you just turn your app in today?

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