DSN scrub issue?

  1. Hello, I just came back in ere to find answers from anyone who is and has attended DSN. We are required to wear scrubs in lab but Im not sure if I wear my scrubs the 1st day of class or do I just change into my scrubs before lab starts!? I know this is such a trivial question but my first day is next week and I just dont know how the system works, please help!
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  3. by   Penny_nickel_dime
    Hi! I am a current student and can let you know you only need to wear scrubs for lab! So you can either wear scrubs all day on your lab day or change into them before the start of lab. If your lab is not on your first day of school, then you don't need to wear them! Good luck and enjoy! :spin:
  4. by   3aglecre
    Okay sounds good~ thanku for the reply! I think Ill just wear it all day! saves me from doing more laundry lol k have a good night!!
  5. by   Niecystewka_RN
    I graduated from DSN in Dec. 07 ... I just wore whatever scrubs I had and just wore them all day. Some brought extra clothes, but I really didn't see the point of it.

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