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Hi there, I'm starting this thread for people interested in the Denver School of Nursing. I'm starting the BSN program in Oct 2006, and I'm going to try and post regularly to give new/prospective... Read More

  1. by   cocogirl
    DSN is in NLNAC candidate status.

    The NLNAC made a site visit this week to DSN and is recommending accreditation for their nursing programs. They are not accredited yet but the process is very much underway.

    Anyway, just thought I would help try to clear that up.
  2. by   adventuregirl
    Hi all, just thought I'd give an update as it sounds like people are wondering if DSN grads are getting jobs, going to grad school, etc. I am a DSN Dec '05 BSN grad. I've been working in the hospital setting for 4+ years and recently moved to primary care at Kaiser. I have had zero problems with job placement (and many classmates I kept in contact with are doing well in their careers as well). I am also in my first semester of grad school for FNP. Not all grad schools require NLN accreditation, but if they do, I've found some let you in on probationary status. I am currently at CU-Co springs and know of one other DSN student in the same program ahead of me. I honestly felt DSN offered a great education, but truly, it's what YOU put into it. Good luck all of you in your nursing careers!!
  3. by   ard32
    Hi, I'm currently wanting to become a nurse. I've actually wanted to do it for quite a while, but the wait lists have just become tiresome. I happened to come across DSON and then found this website and honestly I'm just confused on what I should think about this school, the accreditation, and if an Associates degree in nursing is even good anymore? I looked on NLNACs website and see that DSON is under candidate status, but it seems a lot of community colleges here in Denver are. Is this school worth the money, and what will become of the accreditation? Please any information, ideas, or experiences would be so grateful. I want so badly to become a nurse and get on with my career, is this school too good to be true?
    Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. by   jjhc2006
    Hello ard32! I actually started a thread titled, "Denver School of Nursing Process Information." It may be able to answer your questions. I will be starting my first quarter on Tuesday and so far am happy with my choice to attend DSON. I will admit though, I too was very apprehensive, but had little choice as my prerequisites were about to expire. I just couldn't justify getting my BSN at the age of 80 lol! Jk. Not only was I concerned about their accreditation (will find out regional's and national's decision in June), but the cost concerned me as well. That is until I was quoted $84,000 by Platt, $64,000 by Regis, and so on.

    Check out my thread and let me know if you have any questions.
  5. by   SummitRN
    Maybe some DSN students can help here, but I've talked to 4 different DSN students who have all told me they've had 0 clinicals in the hospital prior to their final practicum, that ALL their clinicals were in nursing homes or doctors offices and other non-acute settings. Is that really the way it happens for most DSN students???
  6. by   kbelle29

    I currently go to DSN, I'm in my 4th quarter in Med-Surg 2 and my clinical is at PSL (Presbyterian St. Luke's hospital.) A few friends of mine who are in their 5th quarter had their med-surg 2 clinical at Good Samaritan Hospital in Broomfield. We are all in the ADN program and have had great clinical experiences. The school can be frustrating at times with a lack of communication with their students but all in all I've had a great experience.

    For Foundations I was placed in a convalescent home, Med-surg I was in a sub-acute care facility in Lakewood, it was a great experience though as I did a lot of wound care, a foley catheter placement, and trach suctioning.

    The BSN students seem to get the pick of better clinical sites than the ADN students as they have been placed at Denver Health and Swedish for a lot of their sites (None of the ADN students were.)

    Anyways, hoped I helped!
  7. by   Lizzie21
    I went to DSNand graduated March 2010 with my BSN. I currently work at St. Joseph's Hospital and love it there. I'm on an internal medicine unit. I was placed at hospitals for all my clinicals. I did Swedish, St. Joe's (a few times), Porter and Littleton. I know a lot of hospitals are taking us in for clinicals.

    As for accreditation, I sure hope that they get it. That would open up many opportunities for new grads to work at university and children's (which is where I want to work some day in the NICU).
  8. by   kaiteelinn
    I go to DSN, I am taking the full BSN so I am currently taking my final pre-reqs this term and next. (That will be 6 quarters of all pre-reqs). Anyway, though, I have not taken any clinicals there yet, I do know a lot of the nursing students and I know that all of the students I know, have had hospital clinicals...

    Hope that helps.
  9. by   kaiteelinn
    OH! And for those of you wondering about accreditation, the NLNAC conducted a visit and recommended us for accreditation. I sent an email to Dr. Banik and asked her when we would know for sure. She told me that TWO boards of nurses have to vote and approve. We should know by the end of June.

    As a side note we had a wonderful visit and I am not concerned about us getting accredited.

    There a few other nursing schools in denver getting theirs right now, like Platt College. I went there for three terms a few years ago and I know we are a million times better than they are. I think that if they can get it, we most definitely will too!
  10. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    I just saw a DSN student at PVH in Fort Collins yesterday. I had no idea they came out this far North. First time I have ever seen one.
  11. by   Lizzie21
    I was wondering if any DSN alumni have gotten into graduate school, besides the University of Phoenix or Kaplan? Please let me know, because I want to get my MSN in education! Thanks
  12. by   amma21888
    Does anyone know the status of DSN's accreditation? I think the most recent posts said they would probably know in June.

    And does anyone know what kind of jobs DSN grads are getting recently? Or if they are having a harder time getting jobs competing with other new nursing grads?

    Any info would be helpful, thanks!
  13. by   jjhc2006
    Regional changed their rules at their last meeting, stating that schools must be in "candidate" status for four years rather than two. So, we will be waiting two more years. The NLN is doing a final site visit on August 24-25.

    As far as jobs go, 91% of last year's graduating classes were placed in jobs.

    Hope this helps!