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Hi there, I'm starting this thread for people interested in the Denver School of Nursing. I'm starting the BSN program in Oct 2006, and I'm going to try and post regularly to give new/prospective... Read More

  1. by   adventuregirl
    April, I don't want to go too much into specifics about my job offers (as I haven't accepted yet), but one is on the cardiac/step-down unit and the other at a jail - both of which I've had experience on through clinicals.

    DSN did a great job preparing me as a nurse (and being a CNA for a few years didn't hurt either!). Really, it's all about what you put into it. You could skirt by, but if you want to learn, the opportunities are always there! Classes prep you for clinical, clinicals (my favorite part of nursing school) prep you for your career as a nurse. I loved med/surg, psych and community health, but it wasn't until my preceptorship that I felt it all came together ... kinda like a transformation, you really start to feel like a nurse. So, enjoy it as you go along and be a sponge, absorb it all. Then, a few months before you graduate, start reviewing for the NCLEX. DSN didn't do the best in prepping us for NCLEX, but it sounds like Sara (student services) is working on that for future classes. About 95% of my class I think took the Kaplan class (which I felt helpful on learning how to answer questions), and I also used Saunders to review prior to taking Kaplan.

    The only thing I feel lacking in is IV experience (but I understand there's now a class ... cool!), but I was given more experience in my preceptorship and will get more practice once I start my new job. So, it will all work out. Hope that answers some of your questions! :wink2:
  2. by   aprila1

    Thank you so much for responding. Sometimes its hard to get anything back from anyone when you ask a question.

    My family decided against the loan from Sally Mae and decided to give me a personal loan, which was really really nice of them.

    Anyway, I do have about 5 years experience as a CNA and I have heard like you mentioned that having that background will help with School. I know that they do have an IV class but you practice on a dummy arm as well as pic lines on a dummy obviously. I know there is an independent class that you can take from a school not associated with DSN to learn how to do IV's and apparently they are really good but the class is like $300 + dollars.

    Did you work while in school. My family and husband are pretty much aginst it. They think for that much money I better be spending every last second of my time studing.

    One more question??? How much are you seeing the average new grad RN make now adays? I know the nursing home i work for right now will start off at $23 dont know if thats good or bad?

    Thanks for all the info.
  3. by   adventuregirl
    April, I did work while in school, but very little (per diem). Mainly for experience as the nurses new I was in school and gave me a little more responsibility as my studies went along. I had some classmates work full-time, and others not at all. I'd recommend not working a whole lot, but I personally need a lot of time to study to absorb things. So, it all depends on you. I'd say if you don't have to work, take advantage of the extra study (and sleep) time ... esp. when clinicals come around.

    As for pay, $23 sounds about average ... I've seen anywhere from $21-$25, depends where, shift, previous experience (CNA, LPN). I have noticed that some nursing homes (if you don't mind going that route) will also pay for schooling too.
  4. by   aprila1

    Thanks for all the info. its been great. Good luck with jobs and hopefully you get a good one. Has it been hard finding a job after going to the DSON??? I heard some hospitals won't hire from there because they are not accredited. Have you run into any problems????
  5. by   adventuregirl
    It has not been that hard to find jobs and to my knowledge, none of my classmates, nor I, have had any problems regarding accredidation. It's been my experience that employers just want to see you receive your license. However, if you're going on for your MSN, then NLN accredidation may come into play, depending on what school you apply. Hopefully in a couple years DSN will have that accredidation and it won't be a problem!
    I'm starting on the cardiac unit next week and am looking forward to it! Take care and good luck with school!
  6. by   Nurse2bducky86
    Quote from mbw5680
    If you have student loans you want to defer, Nelnet won't let you and Direct Loans will (I just found this out. )
    I have a Nelnet loan and they let me defer my loans from UMKC SoN
  7. by   mbw5680
    Hey everyone,

    Here's some more news about credits being transferred. The school I'm going to in Tennessee (I just found out today that I was accepted!) lauded DSN as a "great school" and said they'd probably take most credits. The ones they had special conditions for were:
    Patho and Pharm--if you get a "C" you have to retake it, and if you get a "B" you have to audit (which I'm doing), if you get an "A" it's recommended you audit.

    Fundamentals of Nursing--since our school doesn't have a clinical portion, they're having me take just that portion of the class for a grade. They gave me the option of auditing the class/lecture portion, which I'll probably do if my schedule allows.

    Oh, and for those who don't know--auditing is MUCH easier than taking the class. You show up and take notes, but you are not graded. You don't take tests, you don't have to pay for the class (or you pay a lower fee.) It's just a low-stress way to review if you have the time.

    Hope that helps with the accerditation issue. Belmont wasn't interested in that aspect, they just wanted copies of my class syllabi to see what was covered, and which Steve readily provided (thank you!)
  8. by   OakRNland
    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this board and it's 2010, and DSON still doesn't have their NLN accreditation- which worries me some, especially since we are now spending 48k to attend this school. I'm really surprised as to how many people are trying to get into this program, even though it's not accredited yet. Have those of you who have finished the program found any difficulties getting work or transferring into masters programs? THanks for your time.
  9. by   adventuregirl
    Hi 2BJenurse,
    I'm a DSON BSN grad, have had no troubles with jobs, and will be starting studies for my NP in a couple months. I am also part of the school's program advisory board. The NLN accreditation takes a long time and the school is still working on it ... lots of hoops to jump through. They've even got one person dedicated to working on just that. I personally have not regretted attending DSON one bit ... and work with 2 other DSON grads.
  10. by   OakRNland
    Adventuregirl- that's great to hear!!! Do you remember if the program goes straight through the summer or are summers off? I'm flying out for my interview and test in 2 weeks and can't wait to see the place! Although nervous about the hesi test. I read somewhere that they give you a calculator , is this true?
  11. by   adventuregirl
    2BJenurse - Classes did go through the summer. As for the Hesi test ... sorry, don't know anything about it as I did not have to take it.
  12. by   Lizzie21

    The hesi isn't that big of a deal. They will help you study for it and pass. I got over a 950 on it (you only need an 850 to pass). Just study and you will be alright
  13. by   OakRNland
    That's great to hear!! I am really looking forward to the program, I did the interview and passed the entrance test, so I was verbally given a seat in the oct. 2010 class. Does anyone know how long it takes for the NLNAC accreditation process? I understand that they are candidates and will have a visit in the spring sometime- how long does it take NLN to make a decision? anyone have an insight?


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