Denver-New Grads

  1. Can anyone tell me what the job market for new grads looks like in Denver?? Is your unit hiring??
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  3. by   theFretfulStudent
    I have been looking for a job since January.

    I don't even have a clue what to do anymore.
  4. by   SDA3694
    Thanks for replying. Im so sorry to hear that...I guess I'll be sticking to my original option and move to Texas! The job market for new grads is not good in Alabama either, the funny part is they'll hire you for sure as long as you have experience!!
  5. by   50caliber
    This is really pathetic. I'm in CA and looking to move out of the state in the attempts to find a job as a new grad. It is very very difficult to find a job in CA especially in the bay area.

    One of the states I'm interested in is Colorado and this is sad to hear. I'll research Texas and see how it is over there.

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