Denver health pay?

  1. I was just wondering what Denver Health starts off grad nurses at in terms of pay and if there is a differential for working NOCS...

    Thanks in advance!..

    Oh one more question, does having a BSN help in terms of getting hired and pay grade..I have heard nothing but great things about Denver health..!!!
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  3. by   bridgfor428
    if you go to their website and do a job search you will find some detailed pay information for new grad nurses. it looks like at present they start a new grad nurse @ $24.30. it is the only hospital i have found which lists their pay right on the listings--which seems consistent with what i've heard about DH paying better than most/all of the denver hospitals.

    however i don't know about nocturnal or other differentials. as for the bsn issue, i get the impression that you will start at the same rate whether you are adn or bsn, but i get the impression that you might get paid more in the future if you are a bsn. maybe that is incorrect. but i can say with ample confidence from my own searching that there are numerous positions (even entire hospitals) that prefer bsn grads or will only consider bsns for certain positions at all.