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  1. I would like some info on Denver Health. I plan on moving to Denver in September, so I will have 14 months RN experience. Does anyone know what the starting wage would be on a med/surg floor? Also, do they have tuition/relocation bonuses? student loan forgiveness programs? how does vacation/sick leave accrue? how much is health insurance for one person? are there 12 hour shifts? what is full time, 36 or 40 hrs? most important-do you like working there? answers to any or all of these ?'s would be greatly appreciated...
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  3. by   mmayoss
    They have everything here. Not sure what they would pay you for experience but they do have shift diffs and pay for any previous health exp. IE: LPN, CNA, MA. They start new grads at 23/hr. Benefits rock. Loan repayment, yes, not sure of the details. I don't think they offer relocation bonuses. Paid time off is complicated. There is plenty, though. Health insurance for individual is roughly $30. They put 15% pay into 401K for you because they don't take out for social security. Again, all very complicated but wonderful benefits. 36 is full time. 12 hour shifts. I do believe if you want to pick up extra they allow 8 hours. I adore this place. I hope I retire here. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions!