Denver College of Nursing October 2018 BSN

  1. Hey! I just got my schedule and I'm in Cohert C! Is anyone else in this cohert?
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  3. by   PixieWoo
    Whats your schedule like? I start at DCN in October, but I am in the ADN program. :-)
  4. by   ajohn1
    Oh ok! Have you met anyone yet? And I don't have classes mon, Tuesday I have patho and health assesment, Wednesday I have health assesment lab, Thursday I have patho and Friday I have Patho and then topics of professional nursing practice is online. What's your schedule like?
  5. by   PixieWoo
    I've only been in contact with one other girl in my cohort on this website.

    My schedule is:
    Monday- Health Assessment with lab
    Tuesday & Wednesday- Patho
    Thursday- Differentiated Practice

    I was so worried about the schedule being hectic, but it doesn't seem too bad this quarter. My email said this schedule was tentative, but I hope it doesn't change.
  6. by   ajohn1
    Yeah I was worried about that too, but I like mine! I hope it just stays reasonable for the test of the quarters. When is your orientation?
  7. by   PixieWoo
    Mine is Sept 20th.
  8. by   ajohn1