CSU-Pueblo / Basic BSN / Jan. 2019 Start Date

  1. Hello Everyone,

    Has anyone applied to CSU-Pueblo for the Spring 2019 semester? If so have you heard anything back?
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  3. by   iris4788
    Hi! I got an email of acceptance around mid-June.
  4. by   Against All Odds
    I was accepted as well. I am so excited and can't wait until we are registered for classes. See you at orientation.
  5. by   iris4788
    Awesome! See you in school!
  6. by   pmberesford
    What was your guys' overall GPA and everything? I got waitlisted and just want to know how far off i was from my acceptance
  7. by   daynacsd
    Hey All! Super excited to start too! My GPA was a 3.4, but they accepted me with an exception, I needed to take a bunch of different classes that would be equivalent to "their" transfer criteria (I am in San Diego, CA). So right now I am taking 6 classes, with the Jan 2019 start day riding on me passing all of these classes. Did you guys get your schedules yet? I did and thought is was so nice busting them out Monday-Wed.
    Looking forward to meeting everybody! PS is anyone taking Pathophysiology this semester?