Can not decide what school to go to?

  1. So i have been looking around and hearing about different schools that offer the traditional bsn program here in denver. My original plan is to do the 16 pre reqs i need to get into the bsn program at UCD...but my fear is what if i dont get accepted!! It is going to take me about 1yr and a half to 2yrs for pre reqs and when im finally there ill be so disappointed if i dont make it into UCD. So i have been considering other schools....just the other day i heard of the denver school of nursing? platt college? a couple others i cant remember the names. Does anyone know if these are good....'worth it' schools?
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  3. by   SummitRN
    Traditional BSN in Denver: Regis or UCD.
    Beyond Denver: UNC, UCCS, CU-Pueblo.

    Those are the accredited schools with the best reputations, the best programs, and the best clinical placements. That all translates to the best employment opportunities for graduates, all other variables being equal.

    Do your prereqs at a community college to keep things affordable. Most of the prereqs for UCD cross over to the other schools listed.