Call List at CU?

  1. Hi, just wondering if there are any others here on CU's call list. I'm happy to be on it, but the additional waiting and wondering is torture! Does anyone know how they rank people on the list?

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  3. by   HghlndsRnch
    hi limeade,

    i waiting with you! i was so disappointed from not getting accepted but, there is still a chance. it just means more waiting. i, like you, have lots of questions about this alternate list. i hope someone else knows something about many are on it? do we have a sequence #? how do they choose from this list? i signed up for the nursing information session next tues. (13th) in hopes to get some answers. i will pass any information along. ucd is a great school...i hope you hear from them, also. i am still hoping for acceptance into the traditional program this summer. you? if not, hopefully next january; i guess i am willing to wait if i have to (this is my choice over other schools). i read the post on another forum of the girl who already received a call...good for her! now, every time my phone rings with a number that i do not recognize i get's going to be a looooonnnngggg wait!

    keep me posted!
  4. by   cdids
    Hey all-

    I was on the call list with you but I got a call on Saturday... I might be the girl you read about I went to the nursing school yesterday and signed my intent form and got a little info. There is no ranking system for the call list. Basically what happens is they try to fill the open spot with someone who has similar stats as the person that turned down the position. From what I gather they just call around to different people until they get someone to fill the opening. If you missed the call you are not off the call list you just get put back in the random pool. Like you said HghlndsRnch, if you see a call from a number you don't know ANSWER IT!
  5. by   HghlndsRnch
    Yes, Cdids, you were the girl I read about getting called....BIG Congrats! I bet that was unexpected since it was within the first week. It seems strange that if you miss the call that they just move on to the next person...guess we will have to keep our phones with us at all times. Thanks for passing that info along. What do you have to do before you start? Do you have to take a CPR class?

    Thanks again!
  6. by   cdids
    Thanks! I was very surprised to get a call so quick. Another friend of mine who is on the call list talked to an admissions person and confirmed that they will continue to "call around" to all the applicants in the pool until someone answers the phone and accepts. Seems kinda goofy to me but it is what it is. In order to be in the nursing program at CU you do have to have the BLS for healthcare providers CPR certification. According to the paperwork I have they will be offering classes in the first two weeks of classes but I might try to get it done before then... I'm sure I'll be stressed enough in those first few weeks. Other than that I just have to get my immunization records in and get all the other paperwork in.
  7. by   HghlndsRnch
    Thanks for passing that along! Sounds like you are getting everything'll do great! The American Heart Assc. offers the cpr class that we will need. They offer them at a lot of different times and days. Their web site is if you want to check it out! Good luck!
  8. by   One1
    Quote from HghlndsRnch
    Thanks for passing that along! Sounds like you are getting everything'll do great! The American Heart Assc. offers the cpr class that we will need. They offer them at a lot of different times and days. Their web site is if you want to check it out! Good luck!
    That's where I did mine. They offer tons of classes. I did mine on a Sat, 8-2 or something like that. It is quick and easy, no reason to stress.
  9. by   DenRN71
    HghlndsRnch--Hi! I'm glad I'm not the only one in limbo. I too signed up for the info session next Tuesday the 13th in hopes of getting some additional info. In addition to how the call list works, I'm also interested in the number of spots they have available for the Spring 2011 term assuming I don't get a call for Summer. I am stressed now by the news that if you don't answer your phone they move on to the next person, and the fact that there is no ranking of any sort--seems so random and chaotic. I feel like I need to buy a holster and keep my phone literally on my body 24/7!

    I also applied for traditional, summer 2010. I have a previous bachelor's so technically could do the accelerated, I would just rather not for multiple reasons. Of course I would take it if offered, however.

    good luck to us both, I hope we hear something soon!
  10. by   HghlndsRnch
    I know what you mean about the phone and the holster...I went out for a run yesterday morning and wondered if I needed to take my phone with me at 7:00 am. I never take my phone on my runs with me, but I thought I would never forgive myself if I missed that call. What a system! We will have to ask some questions on Tues.
  11. by   violet808
    Hey everyone I was on the call list and received a call yesterday for summer. I had previously missed a call on Sat so it didn't take too long for another call to come around. The numbers were different both times so if you get one call don't count the next call to be from the same number. Just thought I'd let you know Good luck and keep your phones by you
  12. by   HghlndsRnch
    Violet808---BIG Congrats! I just received a call for acceptance early this afternoon...I am soooo happy! And, yes, she said if you do not answer she moves on. She was very nice. Limeade---You are next, I know it!!! I'm hanging with you on this, and soooo wishing you luck! Let us know!
  13. by   DenRN71
    wow, congratulations to both of you! So exciting, and a huge relief too I am sure. Great news!!

    I'm not sure where I heard this, but I think someone mentioned that if someone declines their spot, CU will call people on the call list with similar demographics, which I assume means age, experience, etc. I was thinking if that is true, I may not have a great chance of getting a call. My reasoning is that people my age (38), second career type folk, probably have a family and therefore only applied in-state, therefore less likely to decline in favor of another school. But who knows. I am still keeping my phone with me at all times--it just never rings.
  14. by   DenRN71
    anyone out there who is still waiting for "the call"? I'm becoming discouraged.