Best Schools for ADD/Learning Disabilities in Denver?

  1. Hello everyone! I placed this question in general and realized that it was the wrong place! Sorry for the duplication.

    I am planning on returning to school in 2010, and am attempting to do some research. I will be moving to Denver, Colorado for school/work/boyfriend and am wanting to complete my first degree in nursing. I am planning on getting my ASN to begin working then doing an RN-BSN bridge program later. I have some general courses completed, but will need to complete more pre-reqs first and believe that a Community College is probably the best/cheapest starting place.

    I was diagnosed with ADD when I was 18, and have had borderline learning disabilities my whole life (all documented), has anyone else with similar disabilities had a good experience at a school in Denver? Bad experience? I feel as though, through extensive reading, that that having a school with a good support system and understanding will make a huge difference in acceptence and my success in this next go around in College.

    Thank you in advance for you assistance!
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