any updates on DSN since the ownership change?...

  1. I was wondering if things are still pretty much the same since the ownership change. Also, any updates on the accredidation issue..Thanks!
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  3. by   ekat
    I just finished my first quarter at DSN and I can report that there have not been any significant changes since the ownership change. I do know that the changes that are expected to occur in the future are positive (renovated classrooms, more lab equipment, etc), and that the changes are geared towards helping the accreditation process.

    I was concerned about the accreditation issue as well, but having spent a quarter at DSN I am VERY pleased with the school and know that I am getting a solid education. There has been talk on these posts about students NEVER being able to move on to other schools for a graduate degree or to transfer, and my only comment to that is you have to call and talk to the directors of the programs, not just the admission people. We have had a few of our students successfully transfer to other schools. It is up to the discretion of the school and admitting board. Regardless, DSN is a great school and our classmates seem to find work without any problem.

    I hope that this helps!