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  1. Ok, so I have been working for a temp agency, in order to have flexible availability to a busy schedule for the past three years. They have recently changed their corporate policy to keep employed only people who want to work way more often than I do. The holidays are pretty crazy for me, as lots of extended family out of state that we go see, etc. I don't want to take a new job, then not be able to work, or request a bunch of time off/be unavailable right off the bat. Financially I am fine to either look for a job now, or wait until after the New Year, but am unsure if this would be wise. The only other gap I have in my resume is for one year in 2012 (had a baby, etc). Any advise on if I should look now, or wait until after the beginning of Jan?

    I live and work in Denver, if that makes any difference.

    Also, I understand unbenefited float type position to pay about $42/hour base? I have been a nurse for 8 years and have worked in hospitals float mostly.
    Also, has anyone ever asked for too much money? What happens, do you just not get the job or do they work with you on negotiating wages?
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