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Colorado to Eugene, OR?

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by rokksteady rokksteady (New Member) New Member

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I have 4.5 experience as an RN (2 years corrections, and the rest in critical care) and a $20,000 relocation bonus to a hospital in Eugene, OR caught my eye. I'm currently working in a small ICU in southern CO and feel like I need a change. I've pretty much maxed out on all the skills our unit has to offer- we get maybe 1 swan line every other month and a balloon pump twice a year. I'm definitely proficient with unstable vents, sedation, pressors, codes, and have been charge, but I feel like there's no more room to grow. That coupled with a change in management, it feels like an opportune time to see what else is out there.

I believe the hospital is Peace Health Riverbend and I just spoke to a talent scout who passed my info onto a recruiter. Has anyone worked in their ICU? Any word on how things are there, re: pay, benefits and training? How's living in Oregon?

Thanks in advance!

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