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College of New Caledonia Quesnel 2017


Hey, I have been accepted into the BSN at College of New Caledonia Quesnel campus for the Fall of 2017. I was wondering if anybody else has been as well? :geek:


Congrats on your acceptance í ½í¸ƒ

I've applied to the Prince George program but so far haven't heard a thing.

I have applied to both Prince George and Quesnel and haven't heard back yet. What was you're gpa and did you apply anywhere else if you don't mind me asking?

Hey Whr_flr

My application is complicated, but if all went well this weekend with the last of my Biology, than I think all my pre-reqs are 4.0. I'm all in for PG with no second choice. I'll consider my options if I don't get in this round.

Still no word, but it's early yet from what I understand.