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College of Mount St Joseph or UC or NKU for RN to BSN? Xavier?


I am graduating from my LPN to RN program in the spring :yeah: only 3 classes left... and am trying to decide where to do my RN to BSN. I meet the requirements to begin the upper division nursing courses at all three schools (6 classes at Mount) (9 classes at UC) (9 classes at NKU) the estimated completion time is a little under a year at all three schools. Does anyone have any recommendation on which would be the best school to attend if I plan to start pursue my MSN after my BSN? The main school I am looking for information on is Mount St Joseph... is it better than UC? Do any of the schools offer me a better chance of staying in pediatrics and getting into a PNP program if I end up moving to a different state (better reputation)?

lol I'm beginning to feel a little frazzled now that it is nearing the time to send out applications and make a decision.

I know Xavier is a pretty high ranked school but I haven't seen any way for me to do my RN to BSN through them... and their RN to MSN program doesn't include peds :thnkg:

Thanks for any help!!!